To Write or not to Write in Essays!

Stop Worrying & Start Writing:

Many decades before, Dale Carnegie, a great American writer, taught its readers to stop worrying and stop living. The same prescription applies to the scenario when you are gravely worried about how to write an essay within a deadline.

Of course, it is the time to act instead of blaming the stars, but for this, you need a pen and paper or just sit on a computer to get things started. But before doing all of the above, you just need to believe on yourself as a good writer, as this belief will lead you to write confidently with more self-assurance and poise.

You are as talented as Agatha Christie was, and as prolific as Ayn Rand used to be. You can even write 'The Fountain Head' all alone and right from starch, not only an essay or article. You can be an upcoming Sidney Sheldon, or may emerge as the J. K. Rowling in the world English literature and writing. 'The Lord of the Rings' is still in search of a true narrator and expressionist, while 'The Chronicles of Narnia' yet calls for someone who can rewrite the Narnia' saga in a totally new writing style, full of originality, creativity and novelty.

In essence, you have what it takes to be an effective and prolific writer; now you just need to stop worrying and start writing. Are you ready?  

On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!

When you are all set to start writing with a rejuvenated spirit, you have to research initially about the subject or topic you want to discuss in your critical analysis essay. Appears to be a daunting task, researching is not that difficult or complicated, as you just need to know the basic details about the background and all that. Yes, you may easily do this crucial part via internet, virtual libraries and available academic databases.

Be Argumentative & Belligerent:

When done with doing your initial research works, you have to analyze the available data, in a way, which helps you form your own opinion and view about the subject to be later discussed in your critical analysis essay. Your opinion must be based on facts, figures and evidence-based information. To know this process, you may read essays and articles written by the other writers and authors. Nevertheless, you have to write your own essay in an argumentative style, rather than producing a padding essay capable of making no impact on your readers at all.

Reveal Your Insights & Observations:

Now, you need a brainstorming session, as an effective essay writing asks you to reveal your own insights and observation in the write-up. To perform this crucial task, you may take as long as you want, but always try to find something new, which can grasp the full attention of your target audiences.

Reflect the Gist of Essay in an Introductory Paragraph:

It is always recommended to show what you are going to write about in a very start of your essay. For this, you must come up with a clear-cut thesis statement in your first paragraph, leading the readers to what they are going to read in successive paragraphs. Without a straightforward thesis, your readers will turn down your essay in an instant.

Plan Your Essay:

A well-planned critical analysis essay always gets a phenomenal response. It suggests an outline, brief one-line sentences at the start of each paragraph with bulleted points.

In Essay Writing, the First Impression is Always the Last Impression:

When starting your essay, write an introduction in a convincing way so that readers find it interesting to read completely until the end. Along with a clear thesis and background, the introduction of your essay must mention the main points in a straight line. The title of your essay must be appealing too as it tends to be the most critical thing if you want to grab reader’s attention instantly.

For example, “What went wrong with American historians?” is a better title than “The fabricated story of American history." Similarly, “Dos and don’ts of children advertising” is a better essay title than “Wrong practices in modern children advertising." Always remember that whenever it comes to hooking readers’ interest in the very beginning, you need to be well precise and right on target. In contrast, you will lose your readers straightaway.

Don’t Underrate the Significance of the Successive & Concluding Paragraphs:

Just like an introductory part of your essay, you have to write the successive and concluding paragraphs with the same approach. The following paragraphs must support the single idea, which was earlier presented in the introduction, as any deviation from the main point will confuse your readers. Each of the successive paragraph should start with a topic sentence and supportive evidence-based arguments and assertions.

When concluding the essay, you need to wrap up your thoughts in a single sentence and then end with anything that makes your readers think about the same again and again. Sometimes, an effective conclusion makes your audiences act on the issue too.

Conclude your essay in a thought-provoking way, in a way, that pushes your reader to wait for your next articles and critical analysis essays.

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